Tuesday, September 11, 2012

6 month Update

Ryan got into the PPCD program for half days. He started is April 2012. He went to ESY during the summer and is back at school now. We are now waiting for the emergency ARD meeting to move Ryan up to full day.

Ryan has learned his name and for the first year ever, he told me Happy Mothers Day with out be told to. I cried! Ryan has had a speech and occupational evaluation done at TX Children's Hospital in Houston. He has an 18 month delay on speech and many delays in Occupational. Ryan has sensory issues. Ryan will have to see a psych doctor at TCH and then we should get a RX from them on Ryan.  Ryan got new glasses and he is farsighted.

Liam just turned 2 years old. Liam is a handful. He receives ECI services for speech and behavioral. Liam will get an OT eval in 1 week. Liam likes to bounce, rock, twirl, pull hair, bite, throw toys, and hit his brother.