Saturday, April 6, 2013

I will try and do better

Is it already April? Boy has time flown.

Liam is 2.5yo now and boy is he giving me a run for my money. He goes and goes and goes. He is a lady killer and loves attention. He wants to do construction with Daddy. He wants to work with Mommy. Work is drawing, cut and pasting, and preschool stuff like Ryan. He so looks up to Ryan.

Ryan has been doing real well in school. He is reading beginner books and my facebook page. Ryan was sick from March 4th - March 28th. Ryan would throw up and/or have diarrhea every day. He would throw up 2 times and then have bad diarrhea all day or throw up 6 times and very little diarrhea. He went to 2 different ERs, He got blood drawn, stool samples done, an ultrasound, x-rays, and an IV. What did he have? Stomach flu or gastroenteritis. His pediatric gastro doctor says he has an immature gut, so sickness last longer in him than NT kids. Ryan went to school 4 days in the month of March. Ryan lost 3 pounds during this sickness. Ryan is 37 pounds and 44.5 inches tall now.

Ryan went and saw a developmental pediatrician from TX Children's Hospital Autism Center last week. I was told Ryan understands more than he speaks. I already knew this. I was told Ryan reads on a 1st grade level. Ryan can not tell you his phone number, where he lives, or button his own pants. Ryan can tell you his name, he learned that last year, and he now knows how old he is. He can count to 100 and know all the letters and their sounds. He can count in Spanish and use some sign language. Since there is such a wide difference in his skills and he shows many atypical behaviors the doctor said that Ryan has mild/moderate Autism. I will get my final notes in a couple of weeks.Ryan will get some genetic testing done soon and he needs to get some more physical and occupational therapy evaluations done.

Ryan has issues taken meds, so when his doctors RX him new stuff, I have to learn where to sneak it in. Ryan is supposed to take a vitamin, Abilfy, Melatonin, fiber, and probiotics. This doesn't happen every day.

David is doing well at work and working hard. He really likes his job and the people he works with. He hates the drive. David borrowed some tools from a friend's husband and made us a bed frame for our bed. He is going to make shelves, desks, and Ryan a bed frame soon.