Monday, February 13, 2012

David is off being allergy tested as I type this. I can't wait to see what his results are. He was so nervous when he left here.

Ryan seems to be communicating more recently. I think it is the meds. I am happy. We go back to psych doctor in 2 weeks. In about 4 weeks, I should hear something from local school district about help for Ryan.

Liam is still wild and sometimes a bully towards Ryan. Ryan says to Liam, "Don't bully!" a lot. Liam likes Mickey Mouse, The Wiggles, and Barney.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012

January was busy for us. Ryan had 2 appts with a new doctor and another school evaluation.

The eval went smoothly and lasted about an hour. I could see where Ryan was lacking and not doing what they wanted him to do. I will know in March what programs the school district will offer Ryan. I am hoping he will be able to go a preschool for special needs children in our school district. If he doesn't do that, he will try Pre-K.

I am still waiting for TX Children's to call me back to get Ryan eval there for his Autism.

Ryan's new doctor is a psych one. She said that Ryan was mild/moderate Autistic with SPD. She started him on a med that made him walk around moaning and he would throw up. We have changed him to a new med, but I am leery of trying it while David is at work. We go back in 4 weeks.

The rest of us are doing fairly well.

I lost my voice for 3 days over New Years. My voice is still not back to normal. Ugh! I need to get a filling.

David got a raise at work. We have filed our taxes.Since David got a raise the boys can no longer get Medicaid and they are now on CHIP.

Liam is growing like a weed. He is pointing and saying - mama, dada, up, down, kitty, baba, bye, hi, and night night. He can blow kisses and wave. Liam can sign - more and milk. He will show you where his milk is for his cup. He will tell you through non-verbal signals that he wants to jump in his jumper.