Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Liam

Liam is actually named William after my father. The funny thing is my period the cycle I got pregnant started on my father's birthday in 2009. He would have been 76 years old that day. My father passed away over 11 years ago.

I didn't like the names Willie or Billy and my Dad went by Bill, so I chose to call my youngest son Liam. His middle name is after my father in law. Liam has a name to live up to.

Liam was born at 37 weeks and 1 day. It was a hard delivery because it lasted days. The pushing was easy when it was time. Liam came early because of my blood pressure and I almost had to have a C-section.

Liam is so different from Ryan. Liam walked at 11 months and he talks a lot. He loves to investigate everything. He points at things and eats from my plate a lot. You can't leave a drink down or he will claim it quick. Liam will eat almost anything and drink almost anything and Ryan will not. Liam has eczema and Ryan never had that. Liam has a bad case of it. It is all over his face, ankles, behind his kneecaps, and very itchy. We tried many things and it would never go away.

We recently went to our ped in TX and was sent for allergy testing via blood and the results came back a couple days ago that Liam is allergic to cat dander and egg whites. The ped's nurse said he tests showed a severe reaction and I should get rid of my cats. My cats are both over 10 years old.

The allergy doctor will see Liam on Friday at 8am. Yeah! I love getting up early. The nurse from the allergy office said to feed him like normal and to call his egg white allergy, an egg allergy. She said it was hard to correctly divide the egg from its parts, so don't bother. I had my thoughts on being allergic to cats, but the egg allergy through me for a loop.

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