Friday, October 18, 2013

Just one more piece

Liam has been aggressive since he could walk. ECI came in and tried to help. It worked for awhile and now it has stopped.
Liam throws toys, rips things apart, hits people, pulls hair, and bites.

I get these questions all the time -
Isn't that what a 3yo is supposed to do? --- Not to my knowledge!
Is he copying his Autistic older brother? --- No, Ryan is a loner and will only get aggressive when provoked.
Is he doing this for attention? --- Sometimes and he gets it all the way to TIME OUT!!!!

Liam went to see a psych doctor and the doctor saw ADHD and sent us to see another doctor for an evaluation for PDD, ADHD, and what ever other letters they want to put down. I am waiting on the call from evaluator to set up that appointment.

Liam's new thing is to throw the time out chair at me. It takes all my strength to not spank him.

I am not a big spanker. I do spank, but not often. As a child when I was in trouble, I had saucepans thrown at my head, car doors slammed on my fingers or legs, and told I was ugly, fat, dumb, and not worth spending time with. This abuse was handed down by my father and my mother would cry and drink another vodka tonic. 

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