Thursday, January 2, 2014

Liam has Issues!

Liam has been having issues and behavior that was excessive physically, so David and I have taken him to a few doctors to get their DX on his behavior.

Good News - All doctors and therapists agree that Liam doesn't have Autism. Yeah!!!

Liam's DX -

Liam does score in the elevated and high range for his age level on many aspects of his personality, which means he doesn't behave like a typical 3yo..

Liam's Therapist is working on his aggressive behavior through family therapy.

Liam's psych doctor has given him a preliminary DX of ADHD and ODD. Liam is on Risperdal with monthly blood tests.

Liam's psychologist doesn't want to label Liam with ADHD or ODD at this time. She said the ODD label is very hard to come back from. So, she says she would DX Liam with Unspecified Disruptive Impulse Control Disorder. She even gave me the number to find out more info under the DSM V. We go back to her in 6 months.

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